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Stepvan Wiper Parts

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Picture UM Part Number Description Price Retail
Washer Reservoir with Motor EA 49-904 Washer reservoir with motor - replacement motor only use # wpg1401 -detail $23.70
Wiper Motor with Mounting Bracket EA 49-484 Wiper motor with mounting bracket; includes OEM wire harness plug. Will not fit Bosch linkage. -detail $144.57
Complete Wiper Conversion Kit EA 49-470 Complete wiper conversion kit. Includes wiper motor and new mounting bracket, all linkage and linkage hardware, wiper arms and blades, and pivot shafts. No wiper switch. -detail $291.99
Wiper Linkage Tubular Drive Links for Wide EA 49-483 Wiper linkage tubular drive links for wide (86.5"-93.5") body Utilimaster. Will not fit Bosch system. Order pivot shaft hardware separately (49481). -detail $83.78
24" Wiper Blade with Wide Saddle EA 49-492 24" Wiper Blade with Wide Saddle with 12mm shephard hook -detail $12.58
Wiper Switch Assembly EA 49-309 Wiper switch assembly. 2-speed, No delay, No cruise. That fits 91-05 GM Workhorse chassis. Mounts on Column. -detail $89.50
Complete Wiper Linkage And Motor Assembly for 96" Wide Bodies EA 49-196 Complete wiper linkage and motor assembly for many 2007 and newer Morgan Olson's with 96" bodies. This unit fits many 2007 and newer models but not all. -detail $181.62
Wiper Arm EA 49-523 Wiper arm used with 49-196 and 49-188 -detail $55.60
RH Wiper Motor Assembly EA 40-127 RH Wiper motor assembly -detail $89.97
Turn Signal Stalk EA 49-314 Turn signal stalk. Used with 49-309. -detail $58.50
Wet Arm Spray Nozzle EA 49-260 Wet Arm Spray nozzle for newer Utilimaster; head size: 13/16" x 9/16". -detail $5.50
Wiper Motor and Lever EA 49-000 Wiper motor, 2 speed, with 3/8" splined shaft. Exact fit up to 1991. After 1991 call with your VIN number. Our 49-464 lever is included with this motor. -detail $74.14
LH Wiper Motor Assembly EA 40-126 LH Wiper motor assembly -detail $89.97
Wiper Arm, LH & RH EA 49-480 RH Wiper Arm -detail $26.00
Stand Up Washer Reservoir EA 49-916 Stand up washer reservoir inside of cab, 1 gallon capacity, 7" x 7" x 12". Popular on Utilimaster. -detail $79.73
Heavy Duty 2-Speed and Intermittent Wiper Switch EA 45-600 Heavy duty 2-Speed and intermittent wiper switch. Has 6 color coded wire leads, 5" long. Controls 1 motor. Push to wash. For use with permanent magnet motors with or without dynamic park. -detail $99.95
Wiper Motor with 5 Pin Plug EA 49-493 Wiper motor with 5 pin plug. Fits Grumman/Morgan Olson with Workhorse Custom Chassis. -detail $138.84
22" Flex Wiper Blade EA 49-554 22" Flex Wiper Blade with 1/2" saddle, Black. -detail $10.49
18" Wet Arm with Shepherds Hook KT 49-525 18" Wet arm with shepherds hook. (Wet arm components can be removed for dry arm.) Exact replacement (OEM) on UCBC Step Vans. Black in color. -detail $27.67
2-Speed Intermittent Wiper Switch EA 49-308 2-Speed intermittent wiper switch with 8-way Packard male connector. Controls 2 motors push to wash. (without dynamic park). Works with permanent magnet motor with 'coast-to-park'. Popular on Fedex Ground. -detail $116.60