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BACKUP CAMERA LCD N.I. SET 14-350 7-Inch Color LCD Wired Camera System. Features a high resolution color camera with inferred features-detail . 355.00 426.00
WIRELESS REAR VIEW CAMERA SYSTEM N.I. EA 44-630 Wireless Rear View Camera System. Includes monitor with two styles of mounts, camera, power wiring harness.-detail . 595.00 714.00
WIRELESS OBSERVATION SYSTEM N.I. KT WVOS511 Digital Wireless Observation System with LCD Monitor and Wireless Camera. Keeps a dedicated pairing between camera and monitor that is not influenced by outside transmissions. It has active frequency hopping programmed into the software that will allow camera and monitor to simultaneously switch frequencies in fractions. No Wires or Cables Needed - Simply plug the monitor in to a 12V receptacle, and tap into an accessory wire for the camera's power. WiSight Technology - Allows the digital signal to be transmitted around and through objects up to 60 feet away. 5-5/8" Monitor includes suction mounting hardware and 12 volt accessory plug. Camera features: 2.4-2.5GHZ digital wireless, high performance cmos sensor, IR LED low light enhancement, waterproof (IPX6), wide view angle, integrated audio microphone.-detail . 899.00 1078.80
REAR VIEW LCD COLOR MONITOR A WIRED SYSTEM N.I. EA 44-161 5.6" rear view lcd color monitor for a wired system-detail . 238.50 286.20
MONITOR MOUNT N.I. EA 44-163 4" Monitor Mount-detail . 21.60 25.92
VOYAGER CCD IR LED COLOR CAMERA MICROPHONE N EA 44-189 Voyager CCD IR LED color camera with microphone. White in Color. High performance color optics, waterproof, IR low light assist, surface mount..-detail . 206.40 247.68
VOYAGER CMOS IR LED COLOR CAMERA O EA 44-195 Voyager CMOS IR LED color camera with microphone. White in Color. High performance color optics, waterproof.-detail . 190.40 228.48
25 FOOT VIDEO CABLE P EA 44-125 25 Foot video cable-detail . 32.40 38.88
35 FOOT VIDEO CABLE P EA 44-134 35 Foot video cable.-detail . 34.40 41.28
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Parts on this page replace manufacturer part numbers:WVOS511, and WVOS511,

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