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Stepvan Parts
Starter Bracket Kits Stepvan

Starter Bracket Kits Stepvan

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Picture Part Number Description Price Retail
AMotor Starter Bracket Kit 48-310 Motor starter bracket kit -detail $207.60
N.I.Motor Starter Bracket Kit 48-312 Starter bracket kit, same as 48-310, except it does not include... -detail $96.34
BStarter Bracket Kit with Canister Switch 48-314 Starter bracket kit with canister switch -detail $126.16
CMotor Starter Bracket Kit 48-316 Starter bracket kit with start switch and terminal strap. -detail $115.64
DMotor Starter Bracket Kit 48-315 Starter bracket kit with canister switch and strap. Replaces Wa... -detail $175.80