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Stepvan Rear Door Parts

Stepvan Rear Door Parts

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Picture UM Part Number Description Price Retail
12" Aluminum Hinge with Grease Fitting EA 29-314 12" Aluminum hinge with grease fitting. High strength aluminum ... -detail $34.35
Locking Push-Button Handle (Genuine Kason) EA K-168-H Rear Door Locking Handle, Chrome, with large mounting plate, 5/... -detail $49.18
Locking Push-Button Handle (Genuine Kason) EA K-168-B Rear Door Locking Handle, Black, with large mounting plate, 5/1... -detail $59.04
14" Leaf Type Aluminum Hinge EA 29-320 14" Leaf type aluminum hinge with gussett & zerk fitting that f... -detail $50.97
12" Aluminum Hinge EA 29-322 12" Aluminum hinge flush, 1/2" dia. pin, 3/16" thickness -detail $29.80
14" Leaf Type Aluminum Hinge EA 29-316 14" Leaf type aluminum hinge with grease fitting, without gussets. -detail $26.46
Center Mechanism for K-167-A EA K-167-C Center mechanism for K-167-A -detail $29.54
Rubber Socket Door Holder SET 30-740 Rubber socket door holder with plastic plunger (threads to 5/16... -detail $4.50
Locking Handle with Push-Button Lock (Genuine Kason) EA K-4168-X Locking Handle with push-button lock, 5/16" x 3-3/4" shaft, 2-3... -detail $35.05
Lock Cylinder with 2 Keys EA MC-51 Lock cylinder with 2 keys. Cylinder has round tongue. Keys are ... -detail $23.03
Pull Latch, Spring Loaded EA 24-366 Pull latch, spring loaded, to be used with chain or rod, 2" x 2... -detail $10.68
Center Mechanism with Handle EA K-168-C Center mechanism with handle for K-168-1 assembly -detail $37.48
Side Door Rear Deflector Rubber EA 35-105 Side door rear deflector rubber that fits Grumman/Morgan Olson -detail $16.07
Side Slam Latch with Hook EA 120-S Side slam latch with hook -detail $16.85
Rear Door Weatherstrip FT 35-106 Rear door weatherstrip for hinged doors. Sold in 10 ft lengths ... -detail $1.55
Locking Handle with Blind Mount EA 25-077 Locking handle with blind mount holes and escutcheon plate. Zin... -detail $49.44
Center Mechanism for K-160-A EA K-160-C Center mechanism for K-160-A -detail $43.98
Complete Slam Latch Assembly Spring Loaded EA K-167-A Complete slam latch assembly, spring loaded (less strike) -detail $97.29
72" Cable Assembly for K-168-1 Slam Latch EA K-168-CAB 72" Cable Assembly (One Needed), that fits K-168-1 Sl... -detail $19.00
Locking Handle with Stationary Cylinder (Genuine Kason) EA K-4168-XS Locking handle with stationary cylinder 5/16" x 3-3/4" Shaft 2-... -detail $36.74