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Radiator for 1994 - 1997 6.5L Diesel GM P-Chassis Stepvans

Radiator for 1994 - 1997 6.5L Diesel  GM P-Chassis Stepvans
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EA 80-833



Radiator for GM P-Chassis Stepvans


  • This popular radiator is a direct replacement for the 6.5 liter 1994 to 1997 Workhorse chassis. The 1-3/4 inlet and outlet are located top left bottom right. The outlet for the surge tank is in the upper right corner. It includes the engine oil cooler and transmission oil cooer line connections, petcock valve and heater return line connection.
  • It is the only aftermarket radiator that has the correct OEM 1-1/2 centered core with high efficiency tubes and fins. This quality replacement allows it to fit perfectly into the slot it was intended to without modifications. It also has the correct 7 plate transmission cooler and 6 plate engine oil cooler.
  • We provide a kit to convert this radiator to easily fit quick disconnect or O-ring style transmission and engine oil cooler lines. Our 8-piece kit allows this radiator to work with the O-ring style fittings or quick disconnect fittings that were used from 1994-1997
  • On the transmission side of the oil cooler it has a 3/8” threaded inverted flare and when used with our kit it will convert it to a 5/16” inverted flare or the quick disconnect. The Engine oil cooler thread size is 20x1.5mm or 13/16”. Our fitting will convert it to either a 3/4 threaded O-ring or quick disconnect fittings.


  • 1994 - 1997 6.5L Diesel GM P-Chassis Stepvans



  • Core dimensions: 34-1/4” wide x 19-1/4” high
  • Overall radiator width: 40-5/8”
  • Radiator hose connections: 1-3/4”
  • Engine Oil Cooler lines: 11.5” centers with a thread size of 20x1.5mm
  • Transmission lines: 11.5” centers with a threaded size of 3/8” with an inverted flare

For a radiator insulator order number 80-724


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27.48 Pounds. 43x23x6 inches
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