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Picture UM Part Number Description Price Retail
Heater Motor, 12 Volt, CCW EA 51-145 Heater motor, 12 Volt, CCW, Permanent magnet. Dim: 4-5/8"L x 3-1/4" dia. with 5/16" dia. x 1-1/8"L shaft with 6-3/4" dia. mounting plate. That fits Evans heaters: HV212910, HV213107, HV224390, HV224442, HV224645. -detail $60.15
Heater Motor, 12 Volt, CW EA 51-143 Heater motor, 12 Volt, CW. Dim: 4-1/4"L x 3-1/4" dia. with 5/16" dia. x 1" L shaft and 7" dia. mounting plate attached. Has a 2-spade connections for wire harness plug (not included). Popular on 1997-on SCS/Frigette heater. -detail $46.30
Heater Motor, 12 Volt, CW EA 51-146 Heater motor, 12 Volt, CW. Permanent magnet. -detail $62.58
4" Louver EA 55-355 4" Louver with 2-1/4" duct size and 3" hole size -detail $7.24
Heater Core EA 50-573 Heater Core, 14-1/8"L x 6"W x 2-1/2"D, 5/8" intel/outlet. -detail $94.21
Electric Water Shut Off Valve EA 54-560 Electric water shut off valve with 5/8" inlet/outlet. This service replacement valve package is intended to replace the old version of the electric water valve in your electronic controlled heater valve. Currently there are two variations of this valve in use. The difference is the arrangement of terminals. Old style valves have a distinct 'T' pattern, while new style valves have the terminals located in the four corner positions. All replacement valves supplied in 54-560 assembly are the new style of valve with the 4-corner pin pattern. The jumper harness in this kit allows the new valve to work with the mating harness for the older version. Click on Detail. Instructions included. -detail $171.21
Heater Core Kit EA 50-572 Heater Core Kit -detail $109.29
Heater Control Valve EA 54-569 Heater control water valve with actuator. Fits Utilimaster. -detail $108.30
Cable Operated Heater Valve EA 54-591 Cable operated heater valve. Remove cable bracket when used with servo actuator. 5/8" outlets. -detail $19.57
Blower Wheel Housing EA 55-225 Blower Housing (Housing must be altered with two cut outs) -detail $26.36
Electric Servo Actuator EA 54-598 Electric Servo Actuator. Has 2 pins for the electrical connection. -detail $56.94
Control Module EA 55-204 Control module with our without A/C -detail $61.08
Blower Housing Adaptor EA 55-227 Blower housing adaptor -detail $52.02
Heater recirculating assembly cover EA 55-248 Heater recirculating assembly cover (less louver on bottom) -detail $85.54
Heater Control Panel EA 53-642 Complete 3 Dial Heater Control Panel. Includes a 36" defroster cable and 48" heater cable. Fits on right side of steering wheel. -detail $103.31
Auxiliary Heater Assembly, 25,000 BTU EA M-8030-12V Auxiliary Wall or Floor Mount Heater Assembly, 25,000 BTU, 12 VDC, 250 CFM, 3-Speed motor with fan control switch. Air enters top of heater through the core and exits through three doors. Capable of providing windshield defrost when used with 51-640 defroster kit. -detail $218.60
Heater/AC Control head EA 51-762 Heater/AC Control head, verticle 3 dial electrical with fan speed, temperature control and directional air flow. Replaces 17900746 -detail $121.68
Auxiliary Heater Assembly, 33,000 BTU EA M-9000-12V Auxiliary Floor Mount Heater with built-in toggle switch, 33,000 BTU, 12 VDC, 205 CFM. 1/2 PT hose fittings. -detail $357.30
Evaporator Coil EA 55-142 Evaporator coil that fits Ford and Navistar. Core Dimensions: 15"L x 8"T x 4"D. Overall Dimensions including outlet tubes: 17.5"L x 11"T x 4"D. Has shorter outlet tubes. -detail $279.00
Heater Core EA 50-568 Heater Core, 9-5/8"L x 10"W x 3-5/16"D. 5/8" Inlet/Outlet fits Evans heater HV213616 -detail $180.66