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Stepvan Exhaust Systems & Components

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Picture UM Part Number Description Price Retail
Aluminized Muffler EA 57-425 Aluminized muffler, 2) 2-1/2" inlet, 1) 3" outlet, '96-On -detail $200.09
2-Piece 'Y' pipe PR 57-280 2-Piece 'Y' pipe. Fits 4.8L and 6.0L Workhorse Chassis. These pipes will eliminate the 'football flange' and fix the breakage problem at the exhaust manifold. The original 'football flange' style did not allow any flex in the pipe causing cracking by the manifold. -detail $412.80
OE Style Catalytic Converter Assembly EA 57-290 OE Style catalytic converter assembly -detail $537.26
Aluminized Tail Pipe EA 57-234 Aluminized tail pipe, 3" dia. Formed in two pieces for shipping purposes. 1991-on -detail $115.97
Muffler EA 57-427 Muffler, 8-1/2"dia. x 29-1/2"L. All welded seams, long lasting heavy duty aluminized steel. Will not split at seams like original equipment. Fits Freightliner B3.9L & B5.9L Cummins diesel & Mersedes MBE900 4.3L engines. -detail $73.51
Hanger for Double Pipe EA 57-455 Hanger for double pipe, '96-On -detail $51.20
Tail Pipe, Aluminized EA 57-255 Tail pipe, aluminized (cut in two for shipping) that fits B5.9L Cummins Diesel engine & 4.3L Mercedes. Tail pipe exits on RH side. -detail $88.36
Catalytic Converter EA 57-215 Catalytic Converter, Converter used for single or dual exhaust. When used on single exhaust it is after the muffler. 3" fittings (new not rebuilt). Fits 87-on Chev P-30 with 350 c.i. engine. -detail $149.93
Muffler Hanger KT 57-231 Muffler hanger with 8-1/2" ring. Fits 57-427 muffler. -detail $47.22
Catalytic Converter EA 57-218 Catalytic Converter, forward converter (new not rebuilt) fits 3" pipes on the 87-95 Chev P-30 with 350 c.i. engine and Ford E350/E450 -detail $224.76
Tail Pipe Kit EA 57-276 Tail pipe kit. Includes 57-255, 57-223, 57-216 and 4 of 57-352. -detail $149.03
Insulator Hanger EA 57-433 Insulator Hanger -detail $14.55
Replacement 'Y' Pipe EA 57-205 Replacement 'Y' pipe for 4.3L and 5.7L GM/Workhorse chassis, 1996-on. Pipes are held together with 'football flange' as original. -detail $470.00
3" Upper Clamp Bracket EA 57-266 3" Upper clamp bracket -detail $67.61
Aluminized Muffler EA 57-220 Muffler with 3" fittings. Fits 87-on Chev P-30 with 350 c.i. engine -detail $66.65
RH Exhaust Manifold Kit EA 57-363 RH Exhaust Manifold kit that fits Chevrolet 8 cylinder, 350 CID '87-ON, includes: 3 studs, 3 nuts, 3 springs. Order gasket set 57-390 separately. -detail $131.79
Turbo Pipe, Aluminized EA 57-254 Turbo pipe, aluminized, that fits B5.9L Cummins diesel engines on Freightliner 2003 and older. -detail $53.90
Football Shaped Flange Gasket EA 57-315 Football shaped flange gasket, fits 4.3L, 4.8L, 5.7L and 6.0L -detail $30.45
Turbo Pipe, Aluminized EA 57-256 Turbo pipe, aluminized, that fits B5.9L Cummins diesel engines on Freightliner 2004 and newer. -detail $68.00
Aluminized Extension Pipe EA 57-211 Aluminized extension pipe, 14ga, 2-1/2 dia. x 59-3/4", '76-87 for 178" WB, cut for shorter wheelbase. -detail $44.60