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Picture Part Number Description Price Retail
Center Mechanism with Inside Release Handle K-168-C Center mechanism with inside release handle for K-168-1 assembly -detail $37.48
Locking side door handle, Black, 3/8" x 2-3/4" Shaft, Genuine Kason 25-150 Locking side door handle. This is a Genuine Kason Handle a... -detail $55.88
Rear Door Weatherstrip for Hinged Doors 35-106 Rear door weatherstrip for hinged doors. Sold in 10 ft lengths ... -detail $1.55
Side Slam Latch with Hook 120-S Side slam latch with hook -detail $16.85
Center Mechanism for K-160-A K-160-C Center mechanism for K-160-A -detail $43.98
Inside Release Handle K-168-3 Inside release handle only for K-168-C center mechanism. -detail $11.74
Locking Side Door Handle with Stationary Cylinder, 3/8" x 3-3/4" Shaft, Genuine Kason K-4001-XXS Locking Handle with Push-Button Lock. This is a Genuine Kason H... -detail $39.16
White Nylon Door Lower Wear-Strip 29-105 White Nylon Door Lower Wear-Strip, 1/4" x 2" x 36". -detail $14.08
Side Door Rear Deflector Rubber 35-105 Side door rear deflector rubber, enough for one door. 3/4" base... -detail $16.07
Slam Latch Assembly K-168-1 Slam latch assembly, includes center mechanism, 2 tapered latch... -detail $78.42
Locking Web Style Side Door Handle, 3/8" x 3-3/4" (Genuine Kason) K-4022-XX Locking web style side door handle. This is a Genuine Kason Han... -detail $45.85
Complete Slam Latch Assembly Spring Loaded K-167-A Complete slam latch assembly, spring loaded (less strike) -detail $99.98
72" Cable Assembly for K-168-1 Slam Latch K-168-CAB 72" Cable Assembly (One Needed), that fits K-168-1 Slam Latch. -detail $19.00
Offset Door Hanger 29-2510 Offset door hanger, 25.375"L -detail $39.50
Locking push button handle (Genuine Kason) K-168-S Array -detail $58.34
Inside Release Handle with Kasonized Finish 25-115 Inside Release Handle, Accepts a 5/16" Shaft, Iron handle with ... -detail $7.38
Door Hanger Assembly 29-3634 Door Hanger Assembly, 3/4"W x 36"L. Use with 29-800. -detail $20.73
Rubber Protection Boot 26-170 Rubber protection boot. Works on all Kason handles. -detail $8.19
Tapered Latch Bolt For K-167-A K-167-B Tapered latch bolt, 3-1/2" x 2-3/4" base -detail $20.00
Locking Handle with Push-Button Lock 25-139 Locking handle with push-button lock, Black. 5/16" x 3-3/4" sha... -detail $51.98