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90"W x 90"H Replacement Door for Whiting Style Roll-up Doors

90"W x 90"H Replacement Door for Whiting Style Roll-up Doors
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EA 20-7052

90"W x 90"H Replacement roll-up door for trucks with 2" rollers or Whiting style doors. Some Whiting doors have 1" rollers, if your truck has one inch rollers click here. Door can be cut down to 84"W x 82"H.

Door panels are Painted White, 7 ply, 3/4" top quality, medium density overlaid hardwood-faced plywood manufactured with a 2 step layup and waterproof glue bond. Top panel and one complete side can be cut to match original door.

• Pre-Painted white
• 2” rollers
• Tongue-and-groove joints
• Head and bottom seals included
• 4 rows of hinges
• Stainless Steel cables and hardware fasteners. Eliminates rust streaks on your new door!
• Todco or Whiting style lock, lift handle and 18" looped pull strap
• All door hardware is E-COATED
• Does not include track

Please Note:

Rivets are provided to complete this door assembly. To install the rivets with an air hammer, you need a Rivet Set Tool (Part: 20-7091) . If you prefer not to use rivets, you can order our package of stainless steel bolts and nuts (Part: 20-7090).

Installation Instructions in PDF


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90"W x 90"H Roll Up Door
Replacement with 2" Rollers
166.00 Pounds. 92x47x5 inches
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