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90"W x 82"H Replacement Door for Todco Style Roll-up Door

90"W x 82"H Replacement Door for Todco Style Roll-up Door
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EA 20-7044

90"W x 82"H Replacement roll-up door for trucks with 1" rollers or Todco style doors. Can be cut down to 84"W x 76"H.

Door panels are Painted White, 7 ply, 3/4" top quality, medium density overlaid hardwood-faced plywood manufactured with a 2 step layup and waterproof glue bond. Top panel and one complete side can be cut to match original door.

• Pre-Painted white
• 1" rollers
• Tongue-and-groove joints
• Head and bottom seals included
• 4 rows of hinges
• Stainless Steel cables and hardware fasteners. Eliminates rust streaks on your new door!
• Todco style lock, lift handle and 18" looped pull strap
• All door hardware is zinc plated
• Does not include track

Please Note:

Rivets are provided to complete this door assembly. To install the rivets with an air hammer, you need a Rivet Set Tool (Part: 20-7091) . If you prefer not to use rivets, you can order our package of stainless steel bolts and nuts (Part: 20-7090).

Installation Instructions in PDF


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90"W x 82"H Roll Up Door
Replacement with 1" Rollers
153.00 Pounds. 92x47x5 inches
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