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Coolant Recovery & Overflow Reservoirs

Coolant Recovery & Overflow Reservoirs

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Picture UM Part Number Description Price Retail
AOverflow Reservoir with Screw-On Cap EA 85-083 Overflow reservoir with screw-on cap. Includes: reservior, cap,... -detail $18.02
BOverflow Reservoir for Radiator EA 85-090 Overflow reservoir for radiator, 3 quart capacity. -detail $24.88
CCoolant Recovery Tank EA 85-092 Coolant recovery tank, does not include bracket or cap. Popular... -detail $37.53
DBracket for Coolant Recovery Tank EA 85-094 Bracket for coolant recovery tank -detail $44.80
EPlastic Surge Tank EA 85-093 Plastic surge tank used with 80886 radiator.Fits Freightliner -detail $190.54
FPlastic Surge Tank EA 85-088 Plastic surge tank for 6.5L (less cap). Replaces OE# 15993295. -detail $189.66