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Stepvans, walk-in vans, box trucks, and delivery vans. These names are all used to describe that big box with wheels that keeps running whether you do deliveries or use it for a mobile office. Despite all the great qualities of these stepvans, they still do break down from time to time. Fortunately, we're here to help!

Mill Supply sells thousands of parts for stepvans. It doesn't matter whether your walk-in van is from the seventies or came off the lot yesterday, we've got parts that can help you out. We stock parts for all major body styles including; Grumman Olson, Morgan Olson, Boyertown Body, Supreme Body, Utilimaster, Union City Body, and Penn City Body. We also have a large variety of chassis parts for Freightliner, Ford, Workhorse, and the GM P-chassis.

Keep checking back in with us to make sure you're up to date with our newest parts. Our research & development department is constantly working to get new high quality parts available for you to enjoy! Also, if you're not on our mailing list, you should be! Every other year we put out our Stepvan Catalog that is full of parts and every other month we put out what we call our Fleet Flyer. This flyer contains all the upcoming sales and all of our new products as well as what is in the works.